Human Resource Management

(NQF level 5, 4 Proposed Credits)


This course aims to provide an overview of the fundamentals of human resource management practices in the South African public sector and private sector. Issues that will receive specific attention include integrated human resource practices, human resource provisioning, human resource maintenance, training, development and skills facilitation, leadership, team development, and performance management. This course is purely an orientation course and is, therefore an overview of human resources issues on supervisory level. It is aimed atfunctionaries who act as supervisors on all levels of an organisation (from office managers to assistant directors)


Module 1:   Supervision - an overview
Module 2:   The HR context - regulatory framework
Module 3:   Labour relations
Module 4:   Team building and the supervisor
Module 5:   How to discipline and handle grievances
Module 6:   Capacitating staff - training & development
Module 7:   Job analysis and career management
Module 8:   Recruitment, selection & placement
Module 9:   Performance management
Module10: Health and safety
Module11: Communication and effective delegation
Module12: Diversity issues and employment equity


  • After completing this course, you should have knowledge and a clear understanding to equip yourself with the following competencies:
  • To appreciate the changing role of supervisors in a dynamic public sector environment
  • To understand the human responsibilities of modern public managers
  • To evaluate the influence of various statutory and regulatory guidelines on human resource management
  • To analyse the importance of sound labour relations on morale and productivity
  • To build and maintain an coherent and effective team
  • To effectively deal with disciplinary and grievance procedures in the work place
  • To capacity and empower staff through training and development initiatives
  • To perform a job analysis by incorporating job descriptions and job designs
  • To effectively recruit, select and place staff
  • To appraise the performance levels of staff to deal with health and safety issues in the work place
  • To effectively communicate and delegate responsibilities
  • To manage diversity issues and employment equity challenges

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Course Details

Course Start Date 14 May 2018, 8:00 am
Course End Date 16 May 2018, 4:00 pm
Price Per Person (ex VAT) R5,719.30
Unit Standards University Outcomes Based
Credits 4 (proposed credit)
Location Arcadia Hotel
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