SCM Acquisition

Supply Chain Management
Perform Acquisition Management Activities For Public Sector Supply Management (Focusing on Tender and Bidding Processes)

Accredited with PSeta - Aligned to US377898- NQF Level 5, 11 credits


Acquisition Management is the next phase in Supply Chain Management after Demand Management. A learner credited with this standard will understand the theoretical aspects of Acquisition Management and be able to perform all the activities related to it, within the legislative framework outlined in the standard.

This skills development programme is designed to assist all public financial managers and senior leading public officials to effectively comply with the legislation regarding SCM, including the Preferential Procurement Regulations of June 2011. It is also in line with the National Treasury Implementation Guide issued 1 December 2011 as well as the guidelines on the implementation of Demand Management and the instruction note on Enhancing Compliance Monitoring and improving transparency and accountability in SCM.


Demonstrate understanding of Acquisition Management in the public sector. 

  • The relationship between Demand Management and Acquisition Management is analysed in relation to the nature of the goods, works or services required. 
  • The regulatory framework governing Acquisition Management is discussed to ensure compliance. 
  • The role-players in the Acquisition Management process are identified and their roles and responsibilities are understood. 

Demonstrate understanding of general aspects applicable to Acquisition Management. 

  • A list of prospective suppliers is prepared for procurement requirements in terms of price quotations. 
  • The various threshold values are explained and applied in the context of the working environment. 
    • Threshold values relate to petty cash, verbal and written quotations and bids. 
  • The pre-qualification of bidders is discussed in terms of procedures. 
  • The various methods of procurement are discussed in terms of their differences and applied as and when appropriate within the context. 

Implement Acquisition Management processes for bids/quotations. 

  • The information required to prepare a proposal is collected and used according to organisation procedure, legislation and supply chain management policies.
  • Documents include bid documents and quotation documents.
    Bid documents include but are not limited to the Standard Bidding Document, Municipal Bidding Document. 
  • The applicable bid documents are prepared and compiled in terms of the relevant prescripts. 

Prescribed administrative processes for the advertisement of the bid/quotation are discussed and adhered to. 

  • Prescribed administrative processes include compilation and publication of the advert, closing date and time, place of closure, validity period, cancellation and re-invitation of bids. 
  • Closing and opening processes are conducted as per organisation protocol to ensure fairness and transparency. 

Protocol includes locking the tender box at closing time, recording all bids received and applying mark of authenticity, reading out of names of bidders in public and handling of late bids in terms of the relevant prescripts. 

  • Administrative responsiveness is evaluated for completeness with any deviations being recorded and reported to the relevant authorities.
  • Documents include original and valid tax clearance certificate, duly completed and signed bidding documents and other required documents. 
  • The relevant documents for the evaluation committee are prepared in terms of procedure. 

Evaluate and adjudicate bids or quotations

  • The administrative process for the evaluation and adjudication of bids and quotations is applied to ensure, fairness, competiveness, transparency and cost effectiveness.
  • Administrative process includes the appointment of Bid Evaluation Committee, Evaluation Panel in respect of professional services, signing of the declaration of interest, confidentiality and impartiality, adherence to and signing of the Code of Conduct, calculation of preference points, calculation of comparative prices, checking the database of the National Treasury for restricted suppliers as well as the Register for Tender Defaulters.
  • Bids are evaluated by the Bid Evaluation Committee in terms of the stipulated criteria and to finalise quotations in terms of the delegated powers from the accounting officer. 

A learner credited with this unit standard will be able to:

  • Understand Acquisition Management in the public sector.
  • Understand general aspects applicable to Acquisition Management.
  • Implement Acquisition Management processes for bids/quotations.
  • Evaluate and adjudicate bids or quotations.

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Course Details

Course Start Date 20 Aug 2018, 8:00 am
Course End Date 22 Aug 2018, 4:00 pm
Price Per Person (ex VAT) R5,886.09
Unit Standards 377898
Credits 11
Location Morning Star Express Hotel
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