Business Writing Skills


Accredited with Service Seta, LGSeta and PSeta - Aligned to US: 12153 - NQF level 4, 5 Credits


The purpose of the unit standard requires learners to follow a process in writing texts and reports required in business. It is intended to promote clear, unambiguous communication in plain language and to improve the quality of written reports and other texts that are specific to a business environment, require a particular format and may include specified legislated requirements. The unit standard enables learners to recognise and effectively use textual conventions and features specific to business texts. The programme is experiential and allows participants to spend as much time as possible on writing and editing.


Module 1: Business writing grammar and conventions

  • Industry specific & Legislative requirements;
  • Textual features;
  • Structuring the document;
  • Grammar;
  • Narrative voice;
  • The basics of grammar;
  • Spelling and punctuation;

Module 2: Content and structure for Business Writing

  • Collect information;
  • Ask questions;
  • Format & structure of text;
  • Write effectively;
  • Mind Mapping;
  • Plain writing language guidelines.

Module 3:        The Business Letter, Memorandum, Facsimile and Electronic Mail &

  • The friendly or informal letter;
  • The business letter;
  • The memorandum;
  • Electronic Mail;
  • Fax messages;
  • Resume of Curriculum Vitae.

Module 4: The Business Report (report writing) and Proposal Writing

  • The business report;
    • Types of Reports;
    • Styles of Reports;
    • Composing the report
    • Report writing grammar
  • Proposal Writing;
  • Types of Proposals


COURSE OUTCOMES: After completing this programme, learners will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of grammar, punctuation and spelling when composing business texts
  • Identify the purpose / intent of a piece of business communication
  • Identify the intended audience / readers for a business text (register)
  • Select the appropriate text type to achieve the text’s purpose and audience’s needs
  • Plan a business text – formal business letters, memoranda, emails and reports
  • Organise and structure the text correctly (format and layout)
  • Use correct grammar and textual features
  • Refine business texts through the processes of drafting and editing
  • Produce business texts - formal business letters, memoranda, emails and reports
  • Communicate the same information using different business texts 

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Course Details

Course Start Date 05 Mar 2019, 8:00 am
Course End Date 07 Mar 2019, 4:00 pm
Price Per Person (ex VAT) R5,119.13
Unit Standards 12153
Credits 5
Location Arcadia Hotel
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