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It is vital in any area of business to offer continual staff training to your employees. This not only helps them improve their position in your company but will also enable you to draw the full potential from your workforce. 

Training is one of the best ways to encourage and support employees. Sending them on training venues or bringing training opportunities into the company infuse a business with new ideas and creative ways of solving old problems. 

LeMark Training & Development will assist you to tap into your business's full potential, resulting in greater success in all fields of operation.




Dear Valued Clients,


LeMark Training and Development will be closed as of Thursday 26th March 2020 to 16th April 2020 due to the Covid-19 and as instructed by the Government.

LeMark will be open again for business on Monday 19 April 2020.

Should the Lockdown be extended, we will open on the first business day after lockdown has been lifted.


All POE’s due in the time of lockdown may be submitted 5 working days after lockdown.


In the meantime please stay safe.



LeMark and Staff.


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