LeMark Training & Development – “Your training needs – our priority”

Client Satisfaction

The first principle towards which LeMark strives is total client satisfaction.

This requires careful discussion of specific needs and requirements prior to drafting any training and development programmes /communications or marketing strategies.

The second principle is that we strive to give value for money to all our clients.

At LeMark we believe that all activities are a reference point. Whatever the size of the job and whomsoever the client, we undertake to perform within strict guidelines and to the best of our ability.

The promise of the LeMark Staff is to display the following key characteristics:

  • positive attitude
  • people orientation
  • organizational skills
  • analytical skills
  • customer focus (natural empathy)

So we like to ask you to help us improve by calling our office at 012 654 4288 or emailing us at services@lemark.co.za if you feel we are not fulfilling our promise to you.

Contact Details

Tel: (012) 654 4288 / 087 700 9414

Cell: 072 149 6766

Fax: (012) 654 8193

Electronic Fax: 086 600 2338

Email: info@lemark.co.za