Records and Archiving Course

Records Management Overview:

Are you faced with limited resources such as space and equipment when attempting to manage your records?

Or a lack of adequate skills and knowledge that could further lead to corruption, frustration and job insecurity?

Coherent records management policies, procedures and practices are essential for good governance, effective and proficient administration.

Effective records management ensures than an organisation is able to

  • effectively manage its resources and
  • provide accurate and relevant service delivery, as well as
  • a platform that provides accountability and
  • protects the rights of individuals while
  • complying with statutory and regulatory requirements on the effective management of information resources.

Lemark Training and Development is proud to present the following university accredited short courses:Records Management and Electronic Records Management in collaboration with the Potchefstroom Business School (PBS), North West University – Potchefstroom Campus.

Advantages of effective records management are:

1. A comprehensively developed file plan enables organisations to find their information effectively. Correctly filed and stored records are more easily accessible, which facilitates good governance, transparency and accountability and
regarded as an internationally recognised best practice.

2. Organisations are able to perform their functions successfully and efficiently because the flow of information is orderly and efficient.

3. Trustworthy records are created and maintained in accordance with recordkeeping systems which mirror the business processes and activities of the organisation.

4. Eliminating the unnecessary duplication of records ensures efficiency and better economies of scale.

5. A well-managed retention and disposal procedure enables an organisation to retain only the records required for functional purposes, while still observing statutory and regulatory requirements concerning the management and disposal of records.

Effective records management control ensures and prevents unauthorised and inappropriate information about businesses processes and individuals being disclosed which could harm the organisation or infringe on the privacy rights of individuals.

LeMark Records Management Services & Solutions:
  • University Accredited short courses;
  • Skills programmes;
  • Filing Surveys/analysis;
  • Updating current File plans;
  • Development of File plans;
  • Implementing of File plans.

The following short courses and skills programmes are available:

1. Records Management, NQF level 5, 11 credits.
(3-Day university short course).

2. Electronic (E-) Records Management, NQF Level 5, 7 Credits. (2-day university short course)

3. Records Management: Appraisal and Disposal
(3-Day Skills Programme)

4.  Registry Management /Basic Office Records Management, (Including Basic Computer Skills for Registry & Mail Staff).
(Two-day Skills Programme).

5. Records Management Tools: Designing Recordkeeping Systems/ File Plan. (Four-day skills programme)

6. The Implementation & Maintenance of the Approved File Plan.
(Two-day skills programme)

7. Records and Electronic Records Management Combined.NQF level 5, 7 credits.
(3-Day university short course).